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Hold Me Tight

Couples Relationship Weekends

What couples are saying about their "hold me tight" experience

"The help you gave me and my husband during HMT was very powerful. Tonight he gave me such deep empathy that I just dissolved in his arms. I hope that this work spreads and spreads and that all people get to know how it feels to be safely loved by another."

"The HMT weekend was such an incredible experience . We all benefited so much and I feel so enriched for the input. My wife and I are like newlyweds again, the depth of intimacy is simply wonderful – thank you so much Julie."

" Just wanted to let you know that we are feeling so happy about the wonderful workshop you presented in Stellenbosch Julie.  We experienced significant shifts in our relationship. This is proof enough for us that the weekend was both worthwhile and very valuable. Thank you so much for everything and we really appreciate you."

"I’m still so amped from the weekend and feeling deeply connected to my wife. Thank you again Julie for all your love and wisdom  and input. It is highly appreciated."

​ "I so enjoy what happens in a group of people when we all come from our vulnerable parts, it feels like pure magic to me! Thank you again for creating enough safety in our group to enable us to touch these parts of ourselves and have such a powerful experience together."

"Therapy can take a long time. I like the intensive idea because I want results that will last and that won't take forever. The group dynamic is so much more powerful than weekly sessions at the therapists' office. Julie was very professional and I felt so safe."

"I decided to take the workshop because I felt estranged from my husband-we were civil but I didn't feel like I really knew him. He was flirting on-line and and I looked for help. By the end of the workshop I realized how committed he is to making our marriage work and that he's trying even when it doesn't look like it to me. I also learned how to ask my husband what would make him feel loved, versus deciding on something I'll do without asking if it "feels loving" to him. There were clear steps to see how to disarm and improve things."

"The most powerful thing for me was learning about the emotional triggers and how to deal without going into fight or flight response. I learned new things about my wife-even though we've been together 15 years. I see now how our patterns relate to childhood issues and I can be more empathetic to her responses. This allows us both to recognize and not get caught up in our usual negative patterns."